stuff i am currently breaking

I recently discovered my repos have been removed from Github. I'll get them back at some point

Tiny SIEM is another personal project. It parses Sucuri Firewall "audit trails" to allow some (rudimentary) traffic analysis. As it matures, it will be able to parse other data sources, such as Apache logs. It is under heavy development and is not very stable yet, so I have not published any code yet.

I built the Link Chomp URL shortener as a personal project. It is fully functionaly, no-database solution that involves some creative Nginx configuration and text files instead of a heavy database. It has no dependencies outside of a few PHP modules. Running instance is here. I will commit it to a repo when it's more stable so other people can poke at it.

I needed a place to host images for and I don’t want to use the current surveillance state services. I looked for a FOSS solution I could self-host, but they were all too heavy and were full-blown gallery solutions. I just wanted to upload, get a link, and forget about it. That is what Image Shot does. I run a private instance; it is not open because...well...the internet, you know? But I can give you a token if you want to try it. The code repo is here.

Tweeter Deleter is a perl script that is a wrapper for 't', a command line Twitter app. This script uses t to delete tweets over a specified age. Keeps your Twitter feed nice and clean by removing old tweets. Dependency is the T command line Twitter client to do the actual heavy lifting.

When you query 100 DNS records a day, you want to automate it. This is just a little BASH script that pulls the most common DNS records for a domain. The code is here.

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